Parish Pastoral Council

An introduction to the Foxrock Parish Pastoral Council can be found here

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Background to PPC
At the direction of the Archbishop in 2005 all Dublin Parishes were asked to form a Parish Pastoral Council. Our out-going Core group with others worked towards the formation of the new Parish Pastoral Council.

In the first few months of its existence, the members of the Parish Pastoral Council developed a mission statement for the Parish and looked at the purpose, objectives and areas of concern for the council.

Parish Mission Statement

The mission of the parish community of Our Lady of Perpetual Succour, Foxrock, is to proclaim the gospel. We strive to bear witness to the love and compassion of Jesus Christ, through celebrating the liturgy, through prayer and service to our brothers and sisters. Our hope is that in living out our mission, all will come to find joy, peace and fulfillment in Christ.

Purpose of Parish Pastoral Council

Our Parish Pastoral Council is not an end in itself, but is at the service of mission and evangelisation. Through its leadership our Parish Pastoral Council will enable priests and people to work together to build up a dynamic Christian community that is characterised by faith, mission, love, worship and service.

Areas of Concern


# Proclaiming the Word of God

# Developing programmes of faith formation, especially for the young

# Fostering the sacramental, liturgical and prayer life of the parish


# Supporting marriage and family life

# The role of the single person

# Young people; encouraging leadership in reaching out to young people and engaging them in their questioning about faith

# The disabled

# Inclusiveness; including new members of the community, especially the new Irish, to ensure that people of different nationalities and cultures find their place in the liturgy and parish life

# Enabling the lay faithful to carry out their particular vocation of shaping society in accordance with the Gospel


# Review our system of communications within the parish

Social Justice:

# Strengthening commitment to social justice; caring for the marginalized, thereby ensuring that the parish community is a true witness to the love of Jesus

# Addressing the particular social challenges of the parish and ensuring that the parish community is sensitive to the needs of all


# To review life and activities of the parish on an ongoing basis.


The council has fourteen members, consisting of three priests, one representative of the religious in the parish, three representatives of permanent parish working groups, one representative of the parish finance community, three members selected generally by the parish priest and three members elected by the parish at large. Details are shown on attached directory.


The officers of the Parish Pastoral Council include:

President - Rev. Frank Herron
Chairperson - Brendan Lannoye 

Secretary - Sr Rionach Donlon

Frequency of Meetings

Meetings are held on the third Monday of every month except for July and August.